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The Unbroken Band Society

The University song refers to our alumni as "one great unbroken band." The metaphor describes with eloquence the essential nature of the University and the way it shapes, and is shaped by, everyone who has ever been a part of it. It is also a fitting name for a society that honors those who have remembered the University in their estate plans and, by doing so, help insure that a widening circle of beneficiaries will be enriched by their University experience.

The importance of bequests and other gift plans to the University cannot be overstated. They create endowments which provide permanent sources of support for scholarships, professorships, library materials, and the special academic programs which are vital to the University's health and growth. These are the programs that give UNCG its distinct character, that often make it possible for a student to even attend college, and that assure she or he is challenged to the fullest while here.

A planned gift is a timeless, enduring statement of confidence in the work being done at this institution, and a commitment to the availability of opportunities for future generations of UNCG students. The Unbroken Band welcomes as members all who have expressed their support for the University in this way.