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Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Mary Ellen Boelhower
    Mary Ellen Boelhower
    Imagine hiking through the highlands of Panama and Costa Rica — "colorful flowers, beautiful birds chirping, floors covered in ferns, feeling nature...
  • Lillian Boney '46
    Lillian Boney '46
    "I enjoyed my years at Woman's College/UNCG and have benefited greatly from the education I received there," reads a letter by Lillian Boney...
  • Treva Daniels Burgess '60
    Treva Daniels Burgess '60
    "I was hired as a mathematician, but was trained as a computer programmer. Computer Science was unheard of then."
  • Kelly Cherry '67
    Kelly Cherry '67
    "Life is hard," says former Poet Laureate of Virginia, Kelly Cherry MFA '67. "A writing life may be harder than others—as the writer has to structure his...
  • Amber Doniere '17
    Amber Doniere '17
    Grandparents make the best teachers. They have supreme wisdom, unrivaled patience, and a certain je ne sais quoi that reaches youth more...
  • Lynn and Faye Eury '56
    Lynn and Faye Eury '56
    One of the sincerest hopes of many parents is for their children to have opportunities they never had. Lynn and Faye Eury consider themselves such...
  • Dr. Rebecca Hobgood Felton '65, '83 PhD
    Dr. Rebecca Hobgood Felton '65, '83 PhD
    Before her death, Nettie Beverly Belvin, of the State Normal and Industrial College's Class of 1905 (now UNC Greensboro), shared her experiences as...
  • Joe M. Felts '68 and Jeannie Daniels Felts '68
    Joe M. Felts '68 and Jeannie Daniels Felts '68
    Jeannie Daniels Felts '68 always believed in art's power to capture the human experience. The former business owner has dedicated her retirement...
  • Melinda Hamrick '69
    Melinda Hamrick '69
    When Melinda Hamrick '69 arrived on UNC Greensboro's campus in 1965, she didn't plan on staying. Her heart was set on UNC-Chapel Hill, and she...
  • Virginia Hester '39
    Virginia Hester '39
    Virginia Edwards Hester (1918-2018) came to Woman's College in 1935 from the small town of Marshville in Union County, North Carolina. She...
  • Margaret Van Hoy Hill '42 and Harrell Hill
    Margaret Van Hoy Hill '42 and Harrell Hill
    Take a walk down Stirling Street and you'll find a neat little spot nestled inside UNC Greensboro's Bryan School of Business and Economics. A small...
  • Charles and Lois Lee '65
    Charles and Lois Lee '65
    When looking back on her experience at Woman's College, now UNC Greensboro, Lois Lee '65 remembers the people first.
  • Bonnie Angelo Levy '44
    Bonnie Angelo Levy '44
    Bonnie Angelo (1924-2017) didn't set out to change the world. The Winston-Salem native hoped to be an artist when she transferred to Woman's...
  • Pam '68 and Allan Malester
    Pam '68 and Allan Malester
    UNC Greensboro's reputation lies within the successes of its students—triumphs made while attending the University and those accomplished thereafter.
  • Dr. Frieda Elaine Penninger '48
    Dr. Frieda Elaine Penninger '48
    It takes a brilliant, bold woman to immerse herself in medieval English literature. Dr. Frieda Elaine Penninger, a 1948 graduate of Woman's...
  • Elizabeth Rosenthal '27
    Elizabeth Rosenthal '27
    "…a faithful friend whose genuine interest in our college was demonstrated during seventeen years of unstinting service as a trustee...
  • Dr. Nancy Vacc '85
    Dr. Nancy Vacc '85
    Educators give. It's the nature of the beast – the vocation that serves, providing a foundation for social civility, upward mobility and participation...
  • Jana Welch Wagenseller '72
    Jana Welch Wagenseller '72
    Jana Welch Wagenseller came to UNCG in 1972 to study at the School of Nursing, well aware that although the school was only five years old, it...
  • Barbara Wike '80
    Barbara Wike '80
    College campuses are changing. While many students pursue higher education immediately after graduating high school, a growing number enroll later...
  • Dr. Celia Hooper, M.A. '74
    Dr. Celia Hooper, M.A. '74
    My mother graduated from Woman's College in 1945. She and my father instilled within me not only a passion for education, but also a spirit of philanthropy.
  • Dr. Virginia
    Dr. Virginia "Ginny" Stone Johnson '70 and Linwood Johnson, Sr.
    "Being educators, we don't have a million dollars to give the university."
  • Susan McDonald '67
    Susan McDonald '67
    "My life compass was calibrated here. I am glad to have the opportunity to give back to UNCG for the education..."
  • E.D. Kennedy '45
    E.D. Kennedy '45
    A charitable gift annuity has proven to be a very good investment. The financial benefits have been considerable and it has allowed me to plan gifts...
  • MaryK McGinley
    MaryK McGinley
    "We all deserve quality healthcare. With my planned gift, I am showing I value the nursing profession and the way..."
  • Claudia Kadis '65
    Claudia Kadis '65
    "I have been so fortunate to be in this position and consider it a real privilege to give back to a school that gave me so much."
  • Ann Fisher
    Ann Fisher
    I am a lover of history and libraries, and a military veteran. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and moved to Hendersonville 19 years ago, after my retirement.
  • Dot Rechel
    Dot Rechel
    I grew up in Cincinnati, and for as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was run away and join the army. I'm not sure why, as Cincinnati...
  • Betty Brooks '52
    Betty Brooks '52
    I appreciate the personal relationships I've had, and everyone has always been so nice, from the Chancellor on down. I've enjoyed a personal connection to UNCG...
  • Rossie Henley Lindsey '63 and Cleaton Lindsey
    Rossie Henley Lindsey '63 and Cleaton Lindsey
    Our gift annuity has kept us connected with UNCG and has afforded us the opportunity to meet the students who have benefited from it.
  • Alice Joyner Irby '54
    Alice Joyner Irby '54
    When I was a student, Warren Ashby became my friend, not just my professor. That's what you want in a learning community.
  • Ruth and Harry Edgren
    Ruth and Harry Edgren
    We chose to make our donation to the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program in the form of a Gift Annuity. While the income from this fund will enable students...
  • Gayle Hicks Fripp '63 and Terry Fripp
    Gayle Hicks Fripp '63 and Terry Fripp
    I realized all through my working career how much I owed to the university because of the knowledge and skills they had given.