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Why Your Gift Is Important

The Need is Real. The Time is Now.

Every gift to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro — no matter how large or small — is important. Many small gifts, when combined, can provide a scholarship, support a program, renovate a classroom, or build a building. Support for UNCG is not only about raising dollars for the University; it is also to celebrate and raise awareness of the accomplishments and contributions of alumni and friends in North Carolina, across the country, and the world. You are a vital part of the UNCG community.

In recent years the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has experienced a decrease in the amount of annual funding provided by the state. As a result, the most immediate goals of the university - increasing need- and merit-based scholarships, recruiting and retaining top faculty, and funding graduate student fellowships - simply cannot be achieved without private gift support. Alumni and friends are UNCG's most important advocates. Your first-hand experiences give you a unique authority each time you share the message of the remarkable qualities of your alma mater. And it's only getting better. Our students and faculty are scholars worthy of your investments, and a gift of any size truly makes a difference.

Every gift, large or small, has the power to transform lives, helping us to lead the way in education and research. Your support — in whatever amount — demonstrates your belief in the future of UNCG. There is strength in numbers. The collective generosity of our donors makes a huge impact. Please join with all of those who believe in the mission of UNCG to provide an accessible, affordable, world-class education to its students. Give to a scholarship or program that ignites your passion. Your gift, combined with those of other donors, will make a difference in the lives our students.

The Importance of Participation

Why is alumni participation so important? Giving by alumni helps ensure the continued excellence of the UNCG experience. Plus, participation indicates alumni satisfaction and sends a message to the world about the quality of the UNCG degree and our alumni success. A charitable gift is an ongoing "vote of support" for UNCG and the value of your degree. Alumni participation impacts:

National rankings. External evaluators like U.S. News and World Report and Princeton Review use alumni participation rates when calculating rankings. The more people who give back to UNCG, the better it ranks, and the better you and your degree look.

Financial strength. Charitable giving is an essential resource for the University. Corporations and foundations who consider grants to UNCG also consider alumni participation rates in proposal requests because they believe their philanthropic or sponsored-research dollars should go to an institution with proven results. Alumni satisfaction is a key measure.

Value of a UNCG degree. Parents and prospective students look at national rankings and alumni participation rates as indications of how satisfied alumni are with the school and the quality of the degree.

Your generosity during these challenging economic times is especially appreciated. Today more than ever before, your support affects people's lives in a direct and immediate way. Whether providing scholarships for students, funding academic programs, or supporting our faculty, you can make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.